Ed Collins

Ed Collins

Manager of Indigenous Relations, DST Consulting Engineers

Through years of involvement in economic development and consultation, Mr. Ed Collins is an expert in building relationships, engagement, and connections between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.  As Manager of Indigenous Relations for DST, a Division of Englobe, his main role and responsibility is to develop existing relationships and foster new partnership with Indigenous groups, partners and suppliers.  He is extremely passionate about working together with management and colleagues to facilitate inclusion and has had a great impact on corporate planning.  This has played out in many ways from the establishment of an Indigenous Relations Policy, to supporting initiatives that promote community health and wellness.


Ed’s approach to relationship building is deeply rooted in respect and mutual understanding.  He has a serious title and a seriously important role but he is far from serious.  Rather, he is friendly, welcoming, easy-going and can be counted on to bring an element of fun to the conversation.


Part of his work is dedicated to education and he provides external and internal training for management related to Indigenous cultural awareness and for all staff working alongside Indigenous community partners.  By working closely with members of many local Indigenous communities – elders, chiefs, band council – Ed builds positive relationships and helps to ensure end to end quality of projects and client satisfaction.


Ed is a proud, life-long member and resident of the Fort William First Nation

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