Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow

Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow

Founder, Birch Bark Coffee Company


I am Ojibwe and a Band member of Whitefish River First Nation located on Birch Island, Ontario in the District of Manitoulin Island. and I am Founder of a First Nations owned innovative business called Birch Bark Coffee Company and I am on a mission to make a difference in my people’s lives and to bring clean drinking water to approximately 1,673,785 Indigenous people in Canada and to educate the world that Birch Bark Coffee Company can make a difference.
In starting Birch Bark Coffee Company, I wanted the name to have a connection to my Indigenous heritage, but also about a passion to help others. Birch trees have been relied upon for many centuries by First Nations people, European Settlers, and Voyageurs. They remain an iconic resource today and throughout Canadian history and they have increased the quality of life in so many ways, for so many people, and ironically, I found there to be many similarities in the historical stories and legends of the quintessential coffee bean.


To bring clean drinking water to every Indigenous home suffering from ‘All Water Advisories’ by providing and installing certified water purification systems in every Indigenous home for free and installed for free in Canada.


Birch Bark Coffee Company believes ‘Water is a Fundamental Right’ and no one should be without clean drinking water. Birch Bark Coffee Company will lead by example and be a leader as a First Nations Innovative social enterprise with ‘Coffee Making a Difference’.


Birch Bark Coffee is a cause-driven business whose primary existence is to improve on-going social issues for Indigenous families with a focus on creating a positive community change. As a First Nations Entrepreneur profiting from the business was never my first intentions, however a sustainable revenue still plays an essential role in my venture. Birch Bark Coffee Company’s goal is to become a highly profitable social enterprise to ensure the foundation is a secure and sound venture. Birch Bark Coffee Company aims to inspire future aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs interested in social enterprise as it becomes part of a new movement in business and entrepreneurship.

Birch Bark Coffee Company endeavours to be a revenue-generating business with a twist that maintains a balance between Indigenous social missions and the productivity of the coffee venture.


Nbiish (water) is a sacred element that we have been blessed with upon mother earth. As we continue to pollute our waters with contaminates, our water continues to struggle as it tries to purify itself. Water in so many ways is connected to our very existence, yet we forget water to be one of our greatest medicines.

I believe that leaving a clean ecological footprint, is fundamental for positive changes in our communities, especially for our future generations. It is about making this world a better place and seeing the smiles on our young children as they are cared for. Creating a purpose or meaningful life for our next generations shows them that we lead by example and in turn, they will learn to pass this onto their children, but also the importance of caring for mother earth.
Our footprints we leave planted on the ground must be good ones, as our young ones will follow.
Our footprints must hold faith and dreams for a better future. They must hold encouragement and family support.
Our footprints must hold the medicines of mother earth and the knowledge to care for her, so the lands and waters may flourish.
Our footprints must have a balance to ensure we are emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally connected.
Our footprints must contain the 7 Grandfather Teachings, Love, Respect, Humility, Bravery, Truth, and Honesty in order that we may live a good life, the path we choose will make a world of difference for all our relations, waters, and lands to follow.
Birch Bark Coffee Company is a platform for Indigenous change through a vision of “Coffee Making a Difference”.