Reggie Caverson

Reggie Caverson

Executive Director of Workforce Planning for Sudbury & Manitoulin

Reggie Caverson, Executive Director of Workforce Planning for Sudbury & Manitoulin is responsible for leading and supporting workforce-related partnership projects, developing an annual labour market report, and working with a diverse Board of Directors. She collaborates with industry, labour, education, training/employment services, research, municipal leaders, economic development, and others to address current and emerging labour market issues. Reggie is known for her ability to synthesize complex problems, develop strategic, integrated approaches, and bridge the gap between various sectors. This complements her previous role as Pan-Northern Lead Special Projects (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) where she collaborated with police, education, and health to address the harms caused by illicit drugs and prescription opioids. She is well published, is a strong advocate for evidence-based decision-making, has been featured in numerous media stories and programs. Reggie holds two undergraduate degrees from McMaster University (Sociology and Social Work) and a Master of Education degree (Adult Education) from University of Toronto.

Panel Discussion: Skills Mismatch: Training for Northern Ontario’s Economy

Across Ontario, and especially in Northern Ontario, there exists a critical skills mismatch. Employers struggle with filling vacancies and workers have difficulty finding employment that matches their training – leaving people without jobs and jobs without people. How do we overcome this skills mismatch and ensure that the province’s educational and training institutions are enabling […]