Ron Sarazin

Ron Sarazin

Special Projects Coordinator, Gezhtoojig Employment and Training

Ron is employed at Gezhtoojig Employment and Training in Sudbury as the Special Projects Coordinator. Gezhtoojig is an Aboriginal employment agency that promotes the development of a skilled Aboriginal workforce for the needs of our industry partners.

Ron is Chair of the Circle for Indigenous Education at Cambrian College, and is also Chair of Cambrian College’s Board of Governors. He is a member of the Powerline Technician Committee at Cambrian College, and past board member of the Workforce Partnership Board for Sudbury and Manitoulin. Ron sits as a member and Co-Chair of the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario and is Co-Chair of the Aboriginal LINK committee that currently is developing a network of skilled Aboriginal workers for the demand from industry employers. Ron works with the area secondary school OYAP coordinators and is a member of the Rainbow District School Board’s OYAP Local Advisory Committee.

Ron has over 30 years of experience in employment counseling and project development both in the Federal and Aboriginal employment development initiatives with a primary focus on Apprenticeship and Trades. Ron is an Honors graduate from Cambrian College’s Business Administration program and has previous work experience in the mining industry.

Presently Ron focuses on developing industry partnerships and working with trainers/educators to align training initiatives with industry needs. Ron is extremely proud of Line Crew Ground Support training program that was a partnership between Infrastructure Health and Safety Association and Gezhtoojig Employment and Training. Since its first pilot program in 2013, 118 Indigenous students have graduated, with an 85% placement rate in the power utility and construction industry.

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