Shane Fugere

Shane Fugere

Indigenous Relations Representative, LiUNA

Aaniin Boozhoo

I would like to introduce myself. I am Shane Fugere LiUNA Indigenous Relations. I am originally from Pic Mobert First Nation and have since transferred to Pays Plat First Nation. I grew up in Pic Mobert in until the time I left for high school and college. So, I to have faced the same difficulties of growing up in poverty and with housing, low employment opportunities and social issues. So, I guess be default I grew up to be activists for change for our peoples.

With projects like Wataynikaneyap Power, Supercom Industries, and so many more it’s an exciting time for Indigenous people to exert their inherent rights to ensure their people thrive and benefit long after the project’s end. As a community member of Pays Plat, I have seen firsthand how the time for change is now… The days of the short-term project-specific jobs are over. The economic benefits are going to be generational with training and careers and not just a job.

Our goal at LiUNA is to help get more people into the trades and we offer non-profit training and to have full-time membership with LiUNA long after any projects are completed. I wanted to present you with our Indigenous Package that LiUNA has developed. Some of the free services I provide to help educate communities and young people about having a career in the trades, how the skills gained are transferable into other occupations. I often speak and present at career fairs, trade shows and community engagement sessions etc.

On the economic side of things, we could assist in community engagement, training, collective agreement talks with potential JV partners or contractors, strategic planning. With LiUNA we believe in careers and moving beyond the project-specific job cycle. We believe in real membership and that starts once a new employee starts to pay dues. This entitles the new member to a generous pension and benefits package that will follow them threw their career regardless of the LiUNA signatory contractor that they work for.

We are serious about building a great relationship with all Indigenous Communities and organizations to promote a better life for everyone. To help grow Indigenous businesses with either some mentoring or assisting in a joint venture with one of our many signatory contractors.


All our goals are the same… To see that people from all walks of life have a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.


Chi Miigwetch, Thank You

Shane Fugere

LiUNA Indigenous Relations Representative


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